HQ Full Kit Elecbrakes Electric Bluetooth Brake Controller with Remote Trailers

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Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller redefining towing in Australia and New Zealand. We have completely eliminated the need to modify your tow vehicle. Now you can use any capable vehicle for towing your load. Choose our Plug & Play model to be on the road in as little as 10 minutes. Our proportional brake controller automatically calibrates and activates the trailer brakes based on your driving for a seamless towing experience. Use the wireless in-car remote to monitor and adjust settings while on the move.

How It Works

Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted proportional trailer brake controller, wired directly into the trailers electrical circuit. Elecbrakes draws power from the taillight circuit as well as the brake light circuit ensuring sufficient power is available for up to two braked axles.

Braking is triggered by positive voltage being applied to the brake light circuit. Once braking is triggered Elecbrakes uses Microprocessors and Accelerometers to calculate and provide precise brake response.

Elecbrakes connects wirelessly to the in-car remote control and the user’s smartphone. This enables intuitive adjustments while driving as well as access to a manual override. The smartphone app allows the user to set brake responses according to trailer load or driving conditions by calibrating five preset programs.

All of the preset programs are stored within the device on the trailer, ensuring any user can download their own copy of the smartphone app and will still have access to the Elecbrakes’ preconfigured settings.

Smooth Towing

Adjusting its response 1,000 times per second, our proportional brake controller automatically adapts to your driving for a jolt-free journey. You™ll enjoy a smoother ride with less wear and tear on your trailer brakes.

Plug & Play Installation

With no electrical expertise needed, Elecbrakes is fast and easy to install within 10 minutes. Mount the wireless controller to your trailer draw bar with screws or cable ties. Then just plug the adaptor into your trailer cable and vehicle socket. Now you™re ready to hit the road.

Tow Anything

Trailer-mounted for use with multiple tow vehicles, you won™t need to cut into the dashboard or make any other modifications. You can mount it to more than just caravans too. Boat trailers, horse floats, trade trailers, hire trailers, farm trailers. Tow it all with Elecbrakes!

Proportional Braking System

Elecbrakes employs a high-speed microprocessor and various sensors which continuously sample the operating parameters over 1,000 times per second.

For communication, the device has long range capability ensuring high connection reliability and no dropouts under typical operating conditions. This means the device can be mounted anywhere on the trailer’s draw bar with no detriment to the wireless connection.

Elecbrakes Electric Brake Controller Set Features

  • ‘Plug & Play’ – Installed in 10 minutes
  • ‘Trailer-mounting for multi tow vehicle use
  • Smooth proportional braking
  • 5 Preset Braking Programs
  • Device stored settings for multi user access
  • Urethane resin encased electronics
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Easily connects to existing trailer circuits
  • Optional auxiliary power connection

100% Claimable as a Business Expense

Is it time to fit out your trailers, horse floats or caravans? Get an Instant Write Off before EOFY. Get Elecbrakes delivered to your door and install yourself with no special skills required. Simply Plug and Play to be ready for your next holiday. Buy now to get on the road with Elecbrakes.


Each Elecbrakes Electric Brake Controller Set includes:
  • 1x Brake Controller
  • 1x Elecbrakes Remote Control
  • 1 x Adapter LRG Round 7pin to LRG Round 7pin socket OR square pin (either). Feel free to let us know your preference.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Manufacturer Part Number


Product Type


1 Year

Pin Shape

Square 7pin to Square 7pin cable, LRG Round 7pin to LRG Round 7pin cable